Time - Chapter 1: Hairy Dum Dums & the Perfection Demon

You’d think after several millennia we could’ve figured it out. We didn’t, and it’s because understanding time is like finally answering every question there is to answer about the universe.  We’d have to explain why entropy (randomness/measure for possible variations of reality) was so low at the beginning of our universe, which would prove the second Law of Thermodynamics which, itself, explains the evolution of our universe, why it’s expanding, and the “arrow” or passage of time.  So before even thinking about getting into all that “mumbo jumbo” “am I even real” talk, you should know science’s greatest minds of all time tackled these questions before and every answer remained theoretical.  

Ode to Followers

Followers, sidekicks, and sycophants form a crucial part of any great idea. They act as the filter that separates the good ideas from the bad. Leadership requires that you take risks. By being a leader, one is (for better or worse) taking the initiative to distinguish oneself from the crowd. Banking on confidence, ignorance, or some blissful combination of the two, leaders take a step out by introducing a product, behavior, brand, or idea to a crowd, and hope that it catches. Who decides whether it catches on, though? Who decides whether the person standing against the winds of conformity becomes a lone pariah, or the start of the “new norm.”

The first follower.

The Donald Disconnect

These are masks and distractions used solely to conceal his true form should it be exposed to scrutiny.  Hiding for fear of discovery is not a quality of a brave and strong leader.  To elect one as such to the highest office in the country is a mistake we simply cannot afford to make.


Boskeon's Introductory Guide to the Kitchen Universe

I will be your culinary guide in the District. My plans for the District are numerous and diverse, but I thought it would be good to start with this piece. I hear a lot of reasons why people don’t cook, and it always comes out as excuses (which already proves that even they somehow know they should be cooking). Everything you eat ends up being a part of you. You might want to be a bit considerate about what you eat.

At World's End

People fly to the moon to see the earth from another point of view. How about staying on this beautiful blue planet, and seeing what the world has to offer?

Many wonder where is the top of the world, or where is the end of it. In my recent errands, I have come to notice one of those places could be Gaspésie. Come and enjoy a road trip along the seaside. Feel the wind blow into your face, feel the sunshine warm your skinny legs, and look at what the world has to offer.

A Win for Seoul

“001” is very much self aware collection — consciously positioned between contemporary menswear and Korean heritage. It features a button up dress shirt, coach jacket and bomber jacket that blend modern and technical fabrics and cuts with traditionally Korean cottons.

If that’s not considered “Asian fusion”, then I don’t know what is.

An Opinion Piece on Opinionated Consumption

And that is why one of the first things I – and likely we all – do when I am getting to know someone is ask about their music taste. Your answer is non-committal and doesn't exclude other styles or genres. The question comes judgement free and with genuine curiosity. This is met with the death of opinion.

We are cautious and all-inclusive, as we hope to build common ground with each other. We want to please people.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success

I’ve been thinking a lot about success. Not just my own success, but success as an abstract concept. As the standard to which we as a people hold ourselves. What defines it? Where do we find it? How do we achieve it? I feel like in some way or another, I’m always thinking about success, and I’d put money on the fact that you are too. Success at work, success in relationships, success with your own goals. For better or worse, achievement is a huge preoccupation of the modern world. We measure ourselves against our peers, against our parents, against ourselves.

We measure ourselves against impossible standards, against gods, demons, and fantasy.

It’s a part of the human condition to constantly strive to be the best… or at the very least, to be “not that bad”.  

Is Consumption the Only Way to Happiness?

Happiness is a state of well-being we all strive for. However, the ambiguity of its meaning reflects that well-being is personal depending on the context, expectations, and lifestyle of the individual. Even though defining happiness is therefore a very difficult task, it seems evident that achieving it is the ultimate objective for everyone.  

Yet, to which extent do we put our personal happiness above ethics and society’s well being?

By seeking happiness, we’ve created a growth-driven society riddled with  enormous costs.

The Nutritional Power of Connection

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Food is the most internal contact we have with the rest of the world. We digest nutrients from the inside and assimilate them in our system. In a way, we are what we eat. When we think of nutrition, we immediately think of food and its potential to nourish us. But nourishment comes in many forms, many of which are highly attainable but undervalued.

Sri Lankan Journey with a 35mm

A photograph does not only capture a moment; it brings an instant back to life.

It allows us to keep our memories safe, eternal, and timeless. Taking photos of it all to present the land’s wonders and mysteries was one of the happiest and most fulfilling times of my life.  Filled with joy, dedication, the unknown, and mystery.  Here are a few photographs from the trip of a lifetime that made me reconsider my judgement of volunteering.

A Brief History of Harmonia

This story comes to us in pieces, put together by artists from each generation since it was first told concurrently in two different parts at opposite poles of the world.

The first and most popular part was originally transcribed from a conversation Plato had with a local scholar during his early days in Syracuse. The exact content of this conversation was later lost as political turmoil took the throne of Syracuse, but the context of the story is known as Plato was recorded giving lectures shortly afterwards to Dion of Syracuse on what would later be published as “The Allegory of the Cave”.

Restoring the Land of Opportunity

This measure reflects exactly what was wrong with the War on Poverty; confusing means for ends. Both empathy for the poor and concern for their well-being has been measured by the amount of money spent on anti-poverty programs rather than the economic emancipation of the poor. The result is a welfare system that helps millions fend off abject deprivation, but at enormous costs.